Who We Are

Coach D Mo

Coach D Mo is the Chairman of DMOLOGY, basketball transformation specialist, and personal mentor, inspiring individuals to elevate their lives.

Max Lieberman

Max Lieberman is a writer, digital creative and founder of the smpl brand, empowering others to take ownership of their mental health.

Why We Do It

In a world of "get-rich-quick" schemes and so called guru's selling online courses, we felt there was something missing. Too much looking outward, not enough looking inward. We came together to have honest and transparent conversations about what success looks like in the modern age.

Coach Thyself acts as a bridge - bringing wisdom from sports to the broader game of life.

Let's win the mental game, together.

DMOLOGY's mission is to deliver the gift of life changing experiences through a magical and extraordinary path to achieve success.

the smpl brand aims to empower others to start their journey and find their own story. the mission is smpl: support mentally positive life styles.

Three Pillars of Success

Hold Thyself Accountable

It is your obligation to accept responsibility for your own actions.

Love Thyself

Nourish your mind, body, and soul with what it needs for the marathon of life.

Challenge Thyself

Personal growth comes to those who seek out failure to be their teacher.